Revolutionizing the World of Modern Medicine

We Deliver medical marijuana because we believe that discrete, personal attention is how you deserve to be treated. Our service is always free. Always fast.(Traffic depending) We keep in touch to let you know when the drivers will be there and how far they are. Within Moreno Valley, East Riverside, and Perris. Our Sister Delivery service in Fullerton, Los Angeles and Menifee/Winchester partner with us to provide you the best that helps you treat your ailments. Delivery times vary depending on time of day, traffic and weather. Orders are typically delivered within one hour. We carry the highest quality strains of cannabis.  We stand by every product we carry. If what we give you doesn't work, we will work with you to find what does.

When we first meet, you will be asked to sign our membership agreement. We also ask that you join our membership based collective.
Patients must have a current medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed doctor. Please have your documents ready when receiving your marijuana delivery. All marijuana recommendations will be verified with your doctor before your account is approved

When you join our Collective you receive a Loyalty Card. We want to reward those who are loyal. And we really are here for you.  Friendly and professional staff ready to cater to each patients individual medical needs. If you want to see our products, please let us know. We work with small family growers who are part of HOC (Herbolution Organics Collective). We are picky about our Herbs and supply the best. Organic Indoor Products. If you are on a  budget we have that as well.  ASK TO SEE OUR PRODUCTS! Not sure? We will show you what we have. Our Meds are guaranteed!! Let us know right away if something does not work, and we will exchange it out.

About Us

We guarantee our Meds! Organic Meds! Top quality,

We carry Top Shelf from Our Farm to you. From Seed to Bud, to Concentrates.
We began this journey because of Family and Friends who had serious illness'. From Cancer, to other ailments that could not be treated with traditional Pharmaceutical pills and potions. So we did our research and found that Marijuana is good for what ails you. And we have testimony of people who have been able to give up  their meds, that did not help, but made matters worse. Medical Marijuana has helped many cope with their day to day issues. And we are here to help those that need the Meds that we can provide for them. We do our research, and we will help you find what works for you. If we don't have it, we will find someone who does. Or we go and get it for you.